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Vilamoura - Algarve - Portugal

Tony and The Concorde Restaurant Vilamoura

'Concorde' Tony

Many thanks to the generosity of all Pacifico clients, golfers, friends and everyone who contributed for Tony, which has been superb. Everyone involved is to be congratulated in helping make this event a great success!The Memorial fund raised has now been applied, €1000 has purchased a gravestone for Tony, €100 has been given to his daughter for Christmas 2013, and the balance has been invested in a bond to accrue interest for Tony's daughter on her 18th Birthday.

With great organising by Aurelio the grave stone and accessories have now been installed and the images below show the great effort by all concerned at the Pacifico Bar for our great little friend who has been sadly missed over the last year - God Bless R.I.P Tony.

We have now included a Pacifico Golf day in our annual events calendar to celebrate Tony's life. The event will be held on the last wednesday of October every year, a day of golf, fun, laughter and food for everyone as Tony would wish and who always got involved in to make a superb day.

Concorde Tony

Concorde Tony

Concorde Tony

Concorde Tony

Concorde Tony

Tony 2019 Update:

A great day was had by all the competitors for Tonys' Cup and a collection from players and clients of the bar who attended amounted to €350 for Tony. The money collected was applied as follows: €100 towards a Christmas and Birthday present for his daughter and the balance of €250 has been deposited in the bond at the bank for Tony's daughter. The costs of the food for golfers and friends after the event was funded from the Pacifico Golf Society members. Many thanks to everyone who attended for there excellent support - it is most appreciated. For and on behalf of the Pacifico Golf Society.

Concorde Tony Cup Winner:

The worthy winner of the 2019 Concorde Tony Cup event Played at Salgados on a sunny and warm day was Albert Saer who scored 36 pts (C.P.O) - well done!

Tony Cup Winner