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IL Trio Event

February Event 2022

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25th February 2022

Vale do Lobo Ocean Golf Club

Competition Format: 2 Day Event
First Tee Time: 9:50
Tee Places: 24
Booking Status: Completed
Event Entry Fee: €230 Guest: €15 extra
This is a two Day Event and Golfers will be admitted entry playing in BOTH days. Tuesday (22nd Vale-do-Lobo Royal) will be a 4 Man/Lady team event with the draw being done ( FA Cup style) at 21.00 in Als bar on the 21st February - Monday evening. On Friday (25th Vale-do-Lobo Ocean) the draw will be done in the traditional manner. This will also be a "Hidden Pairs" event with your partner drawn at the presentation on Friday evening.

Friday 25th Feb - VDL Ocean Tee Times

Please arrive 30 mins before tee off time. THE EVENT GREEN FEE NEEDS TO BE PAID TO ANDY (CASH EURO ONLY) ON MONDAY EVENING 21st FEBRUARY IN THE BAR OR BEFORE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND! Any cancellations received within 48Hrs prior to an event may result in that Member/Guest having to pay the full Green Fee. Dinner/Presentation 19.30hrs on Friday 25th February at IL Trio - Tournament Sponsor.

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Golfers Booked in:

  1. Ali Dallas...H.Cap: 4 Member
  2. Simon Lieper...H.Cap: 7 Member
  3. Andrew Dallas...H.Cap: 12 Member
  4. Pat Quinn...H.Cap: 15 Member
  5. Catherine Quinn...H.Cap: 30 Member
  6. David Bloch...H.Cap: 11 Member
  7. Joe Hiluta...H.Cap: 14 Member
  8. Donal Weston...H.Cap: 20 Guest
  9. Bridget Hiluta...H.Cap: 26 Member
  10. Aurelio Guerreiro...H.Cap: 12 Member
  11. David Harpur...H.Cap: 14 Member
  12. Marie Harpur...H.Cap: 19 Member
  13. Jan Hellborg...H.Cap: 15 Member
  14. Brendan Sheehan...H.Cap: 6 Member
  15. Kate Sheehan...H.Cap: 18 Member
  16. John Hannigan...H.Cap: 22 Member
  17. Pakie Horan...H.Cap: 18 Guest
  18. Colman Counihan...H.Cap: 23 Guest
  19. Bill Cafferty...H.Cap: 17 Member
  20. Shaun Reavey...H.Cap: 13 Member
  21. Mike Pearson...H.Cap: 10 Member
  22. Neil Woolfrey...H.Cap: 18 Member
  23. Jim Hannigan...H.Cap: 21 Guest
  24. Steven Jinks...H.Cap: 14 Guest

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