Lagos overview

Lagos - Western Algarve

Lagos has something for everyone! Park your car for a while and walk around Lagos town centre or a stroll on the beach. Lagos is a lovely town in the western Algarve that can certainly be enjoyed by all age groups, it is full of historical interest with it's origins dating as far back as 2000 years BC.

Lagos - People looking for a laid-back resort, do as much or as little as you like need - look no further than Lagos!

Lagos Beaches.

Lagos mia praia

Lagos train station is behind the marina and the road that runs past the station takes you to the beginning of Meia Praia beach a 4km stretch of golden sand with several beach bars along it's length. Its sheer size, wonderfully clean sand, lovely beach bars and proximity to the town make it a perfect choice for relaxing.

Lagos is encircled by massive 16th century walls that effectively shut out the 21st century, including a big concentration of hotel developments. Holidaymakers drift off the beach and into Lagos town to discover a maze of cobbled streets too narrow for cars to travel along. There are so many little streets criss-crossing that it is quite easy to loose your bearings, as long as you head down hill you are sure to get back to the centre! Cafe owners have set up tables and chairs tempting visitors to stop and try their delicious coffee and cakes, there are lots of bars that stay open until the early hours and in the summer time. Lagos offers a vibrant nightlife, outstanding restaurants, historical sights and exciting activities, the centre of town is alive with people of all ages enjoying themselves.

Lagos Town Centre

Lagos town centre

There are plenty of shops in the town for your everyday needs and because they are used to catering for British visitors. Lagos is very popular for family holidays as there is such a large choice of self-catering accommodation and has all the things you are likely to want in the town centre. One thing you won't be short of in Lagos is somewhere to eat and drink! There is a huge selection of bars, restaurants and caf├ęs all within easy walking distance of the centre and with a wide choice of food. Most visitors give up on the idea of self-catering when they see what's on offer!

Lagos Golf Courses

Lagos golf

The Boa Vista golf club is west of the town and is a lovely golf course with spectacular views over the Lagos coastline.

Palmares is situated to the east side of Lagos, this again is tough, demanding but great golf course with superb views over Meia Praia and Alvor

Lagos Vistas

Lagos mia praia

Lagos has many super beaches in walking distance from the town from a long beach in Meia Praia to secluded coves west of the town.

Lagos mia praia