Ferragudo Square

Ferragudo - Square

Ferragudo is a small town on the Arade estuary and boasts lovely beaches including most popular are Praia da Angrinha and Praia Grande, for a longer walk leads you to the more scenic beaches of Praia do Pintadinho and Praia dos Caneiros. The view from the top of the hill where the Ferragudo Church – Igreja Nossa Senhora da Conceição is situated overlooking the town of Ferragudo, also the city of Portimão is situated just across the river. Portimão and the beginning of the West Algarve is also well placed for a visit to Silves via an eco freindly solar boat tour from Portimão.

Ferragudo - A quaint old town, family friendly with wonderful fish restaurants prepared Algarve style!

Fresh fish caught locally a speciality.

seafront fresh fish

A stroll along the waterside in Ferragudo there is several restaurants from the main square serving a 'catch of the day' variety of fresh fish specials produced in the local Algarvean cuisine style. Specialties include cataplanas, sea bream, monkfish, sea bass and of course the famous sardine!

Ferragudo Vistas

You can see almost the entire town from the harbor and main square area.

ferragudo vista

Take a hike up the hill towards the Ferragudo church and you will find a great vista at the top over Portimão and beyond.


ferragudo vista

Street Entertainment

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