Clubtec Golf Services.

Clubtec Golf Services

High quality...Wide range... Discount prices.

Golf clubs - Build - Fit - Repair - Refurbish - Adjust.

A wide range of services to meet all your golf equipment needs.

Golf clubs hand built to exacting specifications in a workshop equipped with the latest club builders technology. During assembly all clubs are swing weighted, adjusted for loft and lie, and shafts are frequency matched, spine aligned and flo’d. Used sets of irons and wedges are refurbished where needed, machine polished to remove scratches and dings, and grooves resharpened.

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Golf Equipment

Bespoke golf equipment

Golf equipment........Wide range!....Great prices!.....High quality! We stock everything and prices range from 35 euros ( individual clubs) to 300 euros ( full set of new irons) and everything in between. Stocks change daily! me to check what we have! Need us to find a club you are looking for...We will find it! us.

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Golf club refurbishment

Love your existing clubs but they look tired?

Let me bring your existing set back to life...its cheaper than you think! Clubs machine polished to remove scratches and dings. Grooves sharpened and site lines and logos re-painted. Grips checked/cleaned/replaced. Shafts checked/cleaned/replaced. Loft and lie checked and adjusted. Heads re-glued where needed. Ferrules replaced/re-polished, set swing weight.


Golf club repair and adjustment.

Club set-up and adjustment.

Repairs and adjustments to get the best from your game. The make up of your set matters even to higher handicappers, and your existing clubs can be adjusted to fit your individual swing. Swing and club weight...shaft flex, flo, spine alignment, frequency and length.....grip type and size... all of these things are critical factors in playing better golf and can be adjusted to fit your swing at a fraction of the cost of buying new clubs!

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