Clubtec Golf Repair.

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Golf Club Repair and Adjustments

Repairs and adjustments to get the best from your game. The make up of your set matters even to higher handicappers, and your existing clubs can be adjusted to fit your individual swing. Swing and club weight...shaft flex, flo, spine alignment, frequency and length.....grip type and size... all of these things are critical factors in playing better golf and can be adjusted to fit your swing at a fraction of the cost of buying new clubs!

Repair Services:

  • Repair anything from a single damaged club to a full set.
  • No obligation quote after a free consultation.
  • A wide range of options available to fit your budget.
  • Quick turn around.
  • Deep machine polish...Grips...Shaft clean/replacement (individual or set).
  • Grooves sharpened
  • Sight lines and logos repainted.
  • Loft and lies checked and adjusted.
  • New or re-polished ferrules.
  • Swing weighted.
  • Shafts lengthened/shortened.
  • Back weighting.
  • Hard or soft stepping...and more!

Golf Club Repairs and Adjustments

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